Cleansing or Surgery





Cleansing - Healthy Alternative to Surgery

Natural health practitioners have found a painless alternative to surgery. They say that if an organ is flushed out and cleaned, it will often start functioning properly again. They recommend going on a fast of juices and distilled water to effectively cleanse and flush out various organs in the body.

Saltwater Flush

The Saltwater Flush provides an internal bath for the body, drawing out toxins as it cleanses the entire intestinal tract. The digestive tract needs a good washing, but do it the natural way - the saltwater way.

Immune Booster Tonic

This tonic is taken daily during the cold and flu season to build up the immune system.

Washing Away the Flu

The best way to speed up the healing of the body is to stop eating solid foods and start drinking plenty of fluids.

Indigestion Remedy Featured in National Magazine

"An apple cider vinegar 'cocktail' cured my chronic indigestion!"


The Scabies mites were still burrowing into the skin and laying 1 to 3 eggs each day. Her two toddlers continued to complain of intense itching. And a red rash developed wherever they scratched.

Self-Help for Strokes

Most strokes are due to clots in the blood vessels of the brain and head. Studies have shown that if we eat foods that help keep blood vessels flexible and unclogged, then we can help prevent strokes.

Are You a Sugarholic?

What signals is your body giving you? Are you a sugarholic? This quiz will help you determine how pervasive refined sugar is in your life-style, and what effect it's having on your body.

Joys of Fasting

Fasting is a calming experience, often relieving tension and insomnia. Fasting is used successfully in the treatment of many physical ills. Fasting lowers and normalizes cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

Why Should We Fast?

To break oppression (Isaiah 58:6). For healing and good health (Isaiah 58:8).

Controlling Herpes with Diet

Cold sores don't just show up randomly. Stress plays a role. A weakened immune system or a diet too high in acid-forming foods can also be factors.

Success Stories

Chlorinated Water Causes Kidney Problems

"I could not sleep for more than four hours without my kidney pains waking me. I would get up and walk around for a half hour or so, then I could go back to sleep for a few more hours."

Ovarian Cyst Shrinks

"Suddenly the floor started swirling and I blacked out. Coworkers came to the rescue and dragged me outside. I momentarily revived in the cold air, but I fainted again in their arms. Several hours later I awakened in a hospital bed."

Dog Takes the Cleanse

"The last time they had visited, Sparky had leaped out of the car, and excitedly circled round and round, tangling the leash around her legs. But today Sparky would have to be carried into the veterinarian's office like a baby."

Angry at God

One day our friend Olga received a devastating phone call. Her husband, who worked for a construction company, had been involved in an accident at the work site. Her heart stood still when she learned he had been killed instantly.

Saved from Dialysis

Lauri has been troubled with thoughts of dying and leaving her husband and three-year-old daughter behind. "The doctors aren't very hopeful. They want me to resign myself to a life of dependency on a machine. There must be an alternative to just growing steadily worse."

Rectal Bleeding

Joe visited doctor after doctor. His anxiety intensified because no one could cure his bleeding problem.

Radio Programs

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