Cleansing or Surgery




Dog Takes the Cleanse

Yes, dogs can experience the benefits of cleansing.
This one even drank cranberry juice.

Cocker SpanielJackie sadly opened the car door and slowly reached for Sparky, her faithful brown cocker spaniel. The last time they had visited, Sparky had leaped out of the car, and excitedly circled round and round, tangling the leash around her legs. Jackie remembered how irritated she was. But today Sparky would have to be carried into the veterinarian's office like a baby. All of Sparky's spunk was gone.

As Jackie feared, the doctor had nothing but depressing news for her. "Your dog is dying. He has a urinary tract infection which has progressed too far for an operation. I'm sorry. There is nothing we can do except put him down."

Jackie cried the whole way back to her apartment. As she pushed open the back door it felt like the heavy iron panel of a bank vault. She could barely put one foot in front of the other as she carried Sparky into the kitchen. Suddenly she felt a glimmer of hope as her eyes fell on the Cleansing or Surgery book she had left on the counter. "People's lives are being saved every day by doing these cleanses," she mourned. "But what about natural remedies for dogs? Is there some cleanse to help Sparky?"

Jackie could not bear the thought of losing her dear friend. Tears filled her eyes as she imagined starting over with a new pet. She lived alone and Sparky was such a comfort during the long winter nights. But for the last few days, Sparky's strength had drained away. He would not eat or drink and would moan when she tried to touch him.

Sparky, I have an idea," she mused. "There's a recipe in this book for urinary tract infections. That's what the vet said was wrong. Yes, here it is, all you need to do is drink cranberry juice. Oh, Sparky, I've never known a dog to like cranberries. But if you'll just give it a try, it might save your life."

Jackie brought down from the cupboard the cranberry juice she had purchased from the health store. With the faith of a mustard seed, she poured a little in the dog's dish and showed it to Sparky. The dog sniffed it and, miraculously, started drinking the cranberry juice!

"I would not have believed it, if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes," Jackie said later. "For the next several days I set out cranberry juice and water, and Sparky, little by little, helped himself to the juice, and later the water."

Within two weeks, Sparky was back to leaping up on the bed to wake her in the morning. A few months later Sparky accompanied Jackie to one of our retreats - still an old and faithful dog - but healthy and contented. We noticed Sparky whirling his leash around Jackie, nearly causing her to stumble. But this time Jackie looked down at him and merely smiled.