Cleansing or Surgery




Saved From Dialysis

One day Lauri, a young mother in her early twenties, came to our meeting with a heavy heart. "I've just been to the doctor and they want to put me on a dialysis machine. One of my kidneys is barely functioning."

Ever since she heard the news, Lauri has been troubled with thoughts of dying and leaving her husband and three-year-old daughter behind. "The doctors aren't very hopeful. They want me to resign myself to a life of dependency on a machine. There must be an alternative to just growing steadily worse."

"What about eating large quantities of parsley?" we asked. "It is a natural cleanser for the kidneys and a great diuretic."

"No, I don't think a diuretic is what I need," Lauri said sadly. "The doctor has had me on prescription diuretics for over a year and they are just not doing any good."

We kept talking with Lauri and finally at one point she said, "What do I have to lose? What if I just start feasting on parsley. It couldn't hurt."

ParsleyAfter the meeting, she was inspired to buy a dozen bunches of parsley. Lauri told us, "Parsley is cheap and I didn't really have an appetite to eat much of anything else. I started eating parsley morning, noon and night. I washed it and then just ate it raw, except for the tough stems. I tried to drink at least a half gallon of water every day, too. Someone told me about Green Drinks, which would probably have been good, but I just didn't have the energy or desire to blend up even a simple drink."

After a week of eating parsley, drinking lots of water, and eating an occasional apple or banana, she arrived at the doctor's office. The doctor was amazed. "Your kidneys have certainly improved. They are functioning much better, but we still have you scheduled for the dialysis machine. We better put you on, just as a precaution," explained the doctor.

Lauri refused the machine and walked out of the doctor's office, never to return. She went home and just kept eating parsley, parsley and more parsley.

The next month when she came to our meeting, she was still eating several bunches of parsley a day. "I just sit down and eat a bunch of parsley with every meal. Each day my energy levels are increasing. I'm no longer taking medication. The doctor gave me a scare that motivated me to change my diet. I quit drinking coffee and abandoned my addiction to chocolate. Now I have hope again, after I thought I was on death row."