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Chlorinated Water Causes Kidney Problems

by John M.

Water BottleA few years ago I spent over $8,000 trying to figure out what was wrong with my kidneys. They were aching all the time. I could not sleep for more than four hours without my kidney pains waking me. I would get up and walk around for a half hour or so, then I could go back to sleep for a few more hours. During that time, I had numerous kidney stone attacks, but never found any stones. Sometimes my urine would be dark red and brown, which I was told was caused by the stone trying to pass through the kidney. None of the doctors I went to could tell me exactly what was wrong. Finally, we left the city and moved to the farm. After less than two weeks of drinking the spring water on the farm, my kidneys stopped aching altogether.

A homeopathic doctor in Portland informed me that chlorine could cause kidney problems and he sent me testimonials from people who had similar problems from drinking chlorinated water. The city doctors who have taken all my money without helping me, refuse to believe that chlorinated water can harm the kidneys.

Now that I am living in the city  and drinking chlorinated water again, my kidney problems have returned. When I get back to the farm, I plan to bottle our spring water. It is naturally sweet and I would rather drink it over pop or anything else.

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