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Three and a half weeks ago I had terrible pain that started Sunday night. I wondered what it might be - was it a heart attack? As I prayed, God revealed that gallstones were causing the problem. By Wednesday, I had jaundice. I looked in some of my nursing textbooks and read that gallstones can sometimes block the ducts, causing the liver to shut down. I started on the 4-day Kidney-Gallbladder Cleanse and by Friday morning the liver ducts opened again. On the morning of the fourth day, I passed 150 large gallstones and too many small ones to count. Best of all the pain finally subsided. Today I am a little tired but I'm pain free. I am grateful to God that He saved me from emergency surgery.

S. J.; Killeen, Texas



Gallstones Expelled on Cleanse

Small pile is Cheryl's           Large pile is Gene's


Close up of Cheryl's

Cheryls Gallstones

Close up of Gene's

Genes Gallstones


Couple Expels Large Gallstones

Gene is 66 and I am 58. I've had gall stone for several years and had four attacks but I dreaded even thinking about surgery because I have Fibromyalgia and any stress or injury to the body brings on increased pain and fatigue. Also, for the last 5 years we've had a little dog who loves to stretch across my body as we wake up in the morning. She has her back feet on my left side and her front feet on my right side while I scratch her back. The problem was that the area around the gall bladder was always sensitive...not painful, but I felt a need to protect it.

My most recent attack came just as Gene was making contact with you good people and he had read the gallbladder cleanse to me previously. After my attack I stayed feeling ill and my gall bladder remained sensitive from the recent infection. I finally said to him, "I want to do that cleanse. The AMA has been waving their scalpels at me for three years and I want to try this first."

We did it together because Gene suspected that he had just had a mild attack while we were traveling. The apple juice was a pleasure to drink although by day three I was a little tired of it. I found that freezing it into apple sickles made it go down easier and was a nice change in texture. We found the salt cleansing to be easy by taking a breath between each drink.

On the third night we made a ritual of pouring the excellent quality olive oil into glasses and putting in short straws. Gene squeezed the lemon juice fresh at the time. Neither was a problem to drink for us although my face screwed up at the lemon juice!

Gene laid down on the sofa on his right side and I laid across our bed with a pillow under my right hip. We were both equipped with TV remote controls and telephones and we called each other a couple times, me answering, "Ward 2, Cheryl speaking." We had virtually no symptoms of what was going on but I had noticed that day that I no longer had a sensitivity to my dog being across my stomach area.

About midnight we went to bed to sleep and woke in the morning and took the salt cleanse. I only made it about ten minutes before I had to run to the bathroom. Now, for three days we had been...uhmmm.....squirting apple juice and water so I knew immediately that I was passing something solid instead. What an amazing thing to see my stones in the toilet without surgery!

Later Gene also had to go to the bathroom and we got the biggest surprise. He passed about ten times the stones that I did!

We took pictures because I want to show my current doctor and I'll have another sonogram to see if they are all gone. Pretty amazing, huh? Even if they are not all passed, I'm sure this was most of it and I'll just do another cleanse. View Gallstones below.

Thank you both for your ministry and all your help. We are new converts and look forward to doing the other cleanses. All our nervousness is gone regarding the cleanses being difficult, and we believe that this is God's way of healing, using God's own fruits and oils and seeds.

Love, in Christ,
Cheryl Hardcastle

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