Cleansing or Surgery

What People are Saying:

My dad just completed 21 days on the Lemonade Diet and lost 20 pounds. He went from 185 pounds down to 165. He lost all his arthritic symptoms. Because his feet and knees no longer hurt, he is walking a mile a day. He will be 85 in May.

This all happened after my mom passed away November 30 after a long year of diabetes, congestive heart failure and ultimately kidney failure, gradually worsening. Dad cared for her at home with my brothers and me going home often to help. She was a wonderful sweet lady and is happy with the Lord now. Dad was after her all the time to do cleanses, drink more water, take her vitamins, etc., but she just wasn't game for much of it.

Dad reread Cleansing or Surgery 1-1/2 months ago to recommend the Intestinal Cleanse to a friend. In the process he got excited about the Lemonade Diet, which he had done for 11 days a couple years ago.

A week before he finished this last 21-day lemonade cleanse, he called and said, "This is the best thing I could have done for myself. When Mom died I was so despondent and didn't care whether or not I went on. Now I not only feel great physically, I have a whole new outlook on life. My goal is to live to be 100. I plan to do this cleanse for seven to ten days, three or four times per year like the preacher suggests." He respects you so much.

Thank you, Paul. God bless you, your family, and all.

G.H. Arkansas



Real Salt

Our REAL SALT comes from an ancient seabed that dried up thousands of years ago. It was buried beneath the earth where it was protected and kept pure.

Isn't all salt the same?

No, common table salt has been highly refined and the natural occurring minerals have been extracted.

REAL SALT has no additives and has not been heated or bleached. REAL SALT has a full complement of beneficial trace minerals. The result is a delicate sweet salt flavor that you may never have experienced.

Taste REAL SALT, then try any other salt - the difference will amaze you!

Isn't salt bad for our health?

No, salt contributes to the nutritional needs for a healthy body. The problem today is that common table salt has lost its savor and is no longer good for the body.

You probably know someone like our friend Barry. He sprinkles salt on almost everything - even watermelon. He is craving the trace minerals in the salt - but they have been stripped out.

Even Jesus taught us that salt is good:

Salt is good: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be seasoned? It is neither fit for the land, nor yet for the dunghill: but men cast it out. He that hath ears to hear let him hear.

Luke 14:34-35

We need salt, but for the body to use it properly, it must be in its unrefined, natural state.

How is table salt refined?

Beginning in 1923, processors began kiln-drying salt at temperatures above 400 degrees. This changed the chemical structure of the salt.

During the refining process, essential minerals are removed or altered. Very basic and fundamental changes take place that affects the human body negatively.

Then chemicals such as Silica Aluminate, Tri-calcium Phosphate and Dextrose (sugar) are added to keep the salt from caking up, even on rainy days.

People today are starving for minerals that have been removed from both the soil and the salt. Shortly after salt started being refined, mental illness increased dramatically.

What do doctors prescribe to help regulate manic-depressive individuals? Lithium, a trace mineral present in REAL SALT, but missing from table salt.

Sea Salt Scam - Watch out for salt marked "sea salt" commonly found in bulk at supermarkets and health food stores. Being labeled "sea salt" does not mean it is free from additives, or that it contains trace minerals from seawater. Being labeled "sea salt" merely means that it came from the sea!

Salt that is unheated has a pinkish or grayish tint because the minerals have not been removed. Look at the salt label for a mineral analysis and check to see if chemicals have been added to make it free flowing.

Don't be fooled by "Kosher salt." "Kosher salt" is as highly refined as ordinary table salt.

Natural Trace Mineral Average %
Sodium Chloride 98.32%
Calcium .40%
Potassium .12%
Sulphur .11%
Magnesium .10%
Iron .06%
Phosphorus .05%
Iodine .002%
Manganese .0015%
Copper .001%
Zinc .0006%
REAL SALT also contains numerous other trace minerals in minute quantities.

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