Cleansing or Surgery

What People are Saying:

My dad just completed 21 days on the Lemonade Diet and lost 20 pounds. He went from 185 pounds down to 165. He lost all his arthritic symptoms. Because his feet and knees no longer hurt, he is walking a mile a day. He will be 85 in May.

This all happened after my mom passed away November 30 after a long year of diabetes, congestive heart failure and ultimately kidney failure, gradually worsening. Dad cared for her at home with my brothers and me going home often to help. She was a wonderful sweet lady and is happy with the Lord now. Dad was after her all the time to do cleanses, drink more water, take her vitamins, etc., but she just wasn't game for much of it.

Dad reread Cleansing or Surgery 1-1/2 months ago to recommend the Intestinal Cleanse to a friend. In the process he got excited about the Lemonade Diet, which he had done for 11 days a couple years ago.

A week before he finished this last 21-day lemonade cleanse, he called and said, "This is the best thing I could have done for myself. When Mom died I was so despondent and didn't care whether or not I went on. Now I not only feel great physically, I have a whole new outlook on life. My goal is to live to be 100. I plan to do this cleanse for seven to ten days, three or four times per year like the preacher suggests." He respects you so much.

Thank you, Paul. God bless you, your family, and all.

G.H. Arkansas



About Us

Cleanse Restores My Health

by Paul Revere

Cleansing or Surgery was not written by health professionals. It evolved because we were seeking answers to our own health problems. We wanted solutions that worked in harmony with the healing processes built into our bodies. And we wanted methods that were simple and inexpensive.

Paul and Rachel RevereYou should have seen the excitement around here when we discovered that we could drink something as simple as apple juice for three or four days and be able to expel kidney stones and gallstones - and do it painlessly. Over the years, Cleansing or Surgery has grown to include not only the Kidney-Gallbladder cleanse, but also the Intestinal Cleanse, Urinary Tract Cleanse,  Lemonade Diet, Tooth Cleanse and Heart Cleanse.

When the first edition of Cleansing or Surgery was released in 1994, we began warning people not to leave it on the coffee table, it will walk off. When I mentioned this to a lady at a health show, she accused me of trying to push more copies. Two weeks later she humbly called to say she was requesting another Cleansing or Surgery book. Hers had walked off the coffee table!

How It Began

When I was 35 years old, my wonderful wife, Rachel, said to me, "You're dying. It is written all over you." It was true. I suffered from painful bleeding hemorrhoids and only had bowel movements about once a week. My other problem was high mucus levels. I had lots of colds and often suffered from flu symptoms. Every fall I would come down with a cold that hung on until the warm days of summer. Then as soon as the weather cooled off, I would be back to sneezing and coughing.

I tried to figure out whether my problem was some kind of allergy. Was it something I was eating? Was it wool blankets? Was it the mattress? Was it my clothing? Many people gave us suggestions and I tried almost everything, but nothing helped.

During the day, I was tired and worn down. I lacked energy to complete even simple tasks. I was grouchy and could not sleep at night. It was very difficult to be a Christian in this kind of condition. And I just kept going downhill. I did not have cancer or AIDS or some other dreaded disease. Yet I knew that if I did not start improving, my time on this earth was short.

One day my wife went into a health store. The owner of the store had just returned from an Intestinal Cleanse seminar. With excitement she said, "I could throw out half the supplements on my shelves if people would just take this Intestinal Cleanse. People are being healed from all kinds of diseases on this program." My wife and I immediately began the two-month program of taking Organic whole psyllium husks in water, three or four times a day.

Within a short time after starting the Cleanse, I began feeling better. Finally, I was having daily bowel movements. Six months after I completed the Cleanse, my youthful vigor returned. In the years that followed, I just kept feeling healthier and more energetic. The common cold and various flu symptoms passed me by. I would abuse my body, sometimes staying up all night. I had started eating more natural foods, but I didn't always eat right. I did many things that should have weakened my body, yet I still felt strong and energetic. Praise God for His great mercy.

New Calling

Three years later, I was in the peak of health and traveling around the world doing computer consulting. As I grew more successful, my eyes were opened to the corruption in the taxing system, the churches, and the medical establishment. I began to see that we were being deceived and enslaved by those in seats of power.

As we continued knocking, seeking and asking for answers, we received revelation from God to abandon the consulting business and start promoting the Kingdom of Heaven. Our new calling found us urging men and women everywhere to leave the ways of the world and to follow the original teachings of Jesus Christ. Our Code of Conduct became the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew Chapters 5 through 7). We renounced our ties to the world system and gave our allegiance to God's government, the Kingdom of Heaven.

As we trained missionaries, we realized that many of them were plagued with health problems. Since modern medicine's prescription drugs and surgical procedures might not always be available to us, we started searching for alternatives. We had already seen how the Intestinal Cleanse restored my health. We tried other cleanses that also activated the body's own built-in healing mechanisms. We compiled the best of these cleanses into the book, Cleansing or Surgery, which became an answer to prayer. Since we never know where God might call us, all the cleanses use simple, inexpensive ingredients that are easily obtainable.

The first cleanse is a combination Gallbladder-Kidney Cleanse. What an eye-opener!. We didn't even know that we were harboring kidney and gallstones that could later cause serious health problems. In just four days, Rachel and I each passed over 50 gallstones.

The Intestinal Cleanse became the foundation of all the other cleanses and the most important. It took me off of my deathbed and restored energy and vitality. Later, the Lemonade Diet proved itself over and over. We received many reports of heart surgeries being canceled, high blood pressure normalizing, and arthritic symptoms decreasing. And it only took 10 days on the Lemonade Diet.

Cleansing or Surgery began as a way to restore my own health. Then we saw wonderful results with our missionaries. Now the door is open to bring these healing cleanses to everyone. May it be a blessing to you and your household.