Cleansing or Surgery

What People are Saying:

Since we purchased a copy of your Cleansing or Surgery booklet last fall, our family (Mom, Dad, and 12 year-old daughter) has completed most of them and we are delighted with our new healthier temples! Thank you!

We did the Lemonade Diet first. Mom lost 25 pounds and daughter lost 10 pounds. Mom was most impressed with the restored balance in her system, though. For years, she had suffered from the heat in the summer and was often too hot even in winter, when everyone else was comfortable. When we finished the lemonade cleanse, Mom's temperature gauge was repaired and she is 25 pounds lighter.

We want to thank whoever discovered the Salt Water Flush, as enemas are so uncomfortable. Salt Water Flushing is so simple and effective.

After 10 days on the Lemonade Diet we went right into the Kidney-Gallbladder Cleanse. Within 2 hours of starting the apple juice, Mom experienced aching in the kidneys and is convinced she passed impurities, though she didn't strain her urine. On the fourth day, she passed hundreds of stones.

After we completed the Intestinal Cleanse, Mom decided to go back to the Lemonade Diet to lose more weight. She finds the Lemonade cleanse the most effective cleansing and weight loss diet ever. She says the most wonderful part of the weight loss during the Lemonade Diet is that it is not a temporary fluctuation. We believe that because the fasting reduces the appetite and the cleanses allow the body to function properly again, the weight losses are not gained once the fasting stops.

Mom wants to lose 50 more pounds so she has modified the Lemonade Diet. She drinks lemonade Monday through Thursday, finishing off with orange juice on Friday. On weekends, she cooks and eats with the family. It makes the fasting for weight loss more tolerable and less stressful for Mom. So far she is averaging 6 to 10 pounds of weight loss per week.

We praise God for the help in this book and have people waiting anxiously for a copy.

The Drostes



Intestinal Colon Cleanse Restores Health

"It is the bowel that invariably has to be cared for first before any effective healing can take place." Dr. Bernard Jensen

When I first did the Intestinal Colon Cleanse about 10 years ago, it changed me from a sick man who was degenerating rapidly, to a healthy man with renewed energy and strength.

About ten years ago, I was suffering from 20 years of painful bleeding hemorrhoids. I had bowel movements only about once a week. My stools were long, hard and dry. Every time I would have a bowel movement, I would bleed. The skin could not handle this constant cracking and breaking. I ended with open "fissures," inside the colon. The tremendous pain kept me awake at night.

My other problem, which was also caused by a congested colon, was high mucus levels. I had lots of colds and often suffered from flu-like symptoms. Every fall I would come down with a cold that hung on until the warm days of summer. Then as soon as the weather cooled off, I would be back to sneezing and coughing.

I tried to figure out whether my problem was some kind of allergy. Was it something I was eating? Was it wool blankets? Was it the mattress? Was it my clothing? Many people gave us suggestions and I tried almost everything. I bought cotton blankets, a cotton mattress and all cotton clothes. I tried to eliminate the common allergy-causing foods, but nothing helped.

During the day, I was tired and worn down. I lacked energy to complete even simple tasks. I did not have cancer or AIDS or some other dreaded disease. Yet, I knew that if I did not start improving, my time on this earth was short.

Colostomy Ends Control of the Bowels

In desperation, I went to standard medical doctors. Their solution was surgery. They even talked about doing a colostomy. A colostomy is where a section of the colon is removed and the colon is rerouted out the side. How ghastly! I knew I must find another solution.

I went to a naturopathic physician who had me experimenting for months. Every night I would sit in a hot sitz bath and then jump into an ice-cold sitz bath. I sipped dandelion tea. I took herbs. I rubbed some oil on my rear end that made me break out in red welts. Yet after three months, nothing had touched my problem. I just kept getting sicker and more discouraged.

Health Returns with Intestinal Cleanse

One day my wife went into a health store. The owner of the store had just returned from a Cleanse seminar. With excitement she said, "I could throw out half the supplements on my shelf if people would just take this Intestinal Cleanse. People are being healed from many diseases."

The basis for the Cleanse is Organic Whole Psyllium Husks. My wife and I immediately began the two-month program taking psyllium husks in liquid, three or four times a day.

Within a short time after starting the Cleanse, I started feeling better. Because of the psyllium, I was finally having daily bowel movements. They were light and fluffy and passed without straining.

Six months after I completed the Cleanse, I felt better than when I was a teen. In the ten years that followed, I just kept feeling healthier and more energetic. The common cold and various flu symptoms passed me by. I would abuse my body, sometimes staying up all night. I didn't always eat the right food. I did many things that should have weakened my body, yet I still felt strong and energetic. Praise God for his great mercy.

Paul Revere, Pastor

Complete instructions for the Intestinal Cleanse are contained in the Cleansing or Surgery book.

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